Jack and the Purpose [2012]

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The project Jack and the Purpose began way back in 2011 when Akasdeep Bhadra started out with the concept of showing the mindset of a boy going through a stage of identity crisis. Once the script was matured and the team was ready, we started shooting for the film in December 2011, with no crew members. Most of the time extra actors used to help in the shoot, and at times I shot the film with only the director and the actor. After two weeks of hard work, we were finally able to make a copy for sending to the film competition at ISI, Kolkata where it came among the top five films.

Work on the music was still left and continued till the end of January 2012. By February 2012 we were able to release our first short film in Youtube for our viewers.

The film received good reviews and criticism from the film lovers society of our college and a few other film enthusiasts from Kolkata.

The film did not have any story line or a linear timeline. It was an abstract idea and based on a poem, written by Ojoswi Sur, the lead actor of the movie.

For more about Jack and the Puporse visit the following links:
Watch in YouTube HD | Facebook page | Synopsis

Written and Directed by: Akasdeep Bhadra
Screenplay: Ojoswi Sur
Ojoswi Sur
Chandrima Bhattacharjee
Ananda Bhattacharya
Buddhaditya Acharya
Akasdeep Bhadra
Director of Photography: Anish Chakraborty
Original Music by: Sayan Bhunia
Edited by: Anish Chakraborty, Akasdeep Bhadra
Produced by: Akasdeep Bhadra, Anish Chakraborty
Special Appearances:
Hirak Chakraborty
Aritra Chatterjee
Sayan Bhunia
Kaustav Ganguly
Special Thanks:
Sayan Chakraborty
Sitabja Ukil
Ranadeb Pramanick

-by Anish Chakraborty

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