Age of Chaos, Nascent 2012


Age of Chaos, a metal band from Kolkata performing at Nascent 2012. Date taken: October 7th 2012.

Age of Chaos

Hirak Chakraborty, Age of Chaos

Sayan Bhunia, Age of Chaos

Aritra Chatterjee, Age of Chaos

Hirak Chakraborty, Age of Chaos

Aditya Dewanjee, Age of Chaos

The Fists Rise
Hirak Chakraborty, Age of Chaos

Aditya Dewanjee, Age of Chaos

Hirak Chakraborty, Age of Chaos

The energy of the crowd during the performance of Age of Chaos

Age of Chaos

Hirak Chakraborty with the crowd

The band

Band Page on Facebook

Band Members:
Hirak Chakraborty
Sayan Bhunia
Aritra Chatterjee
Subhodip Banerjee
Aditya Dewanjee

Remembering High School

Dance, Wisdom

Remembering High School

Remembering High School.
School days were the most enjoyable experience for me. The child still manages to survive in me… I took this photo during a performance by Venus in my college days. The look of the dancers reminded me of my school and the happy care free life.

Melancholy of Flow [2012]

Documentaries, Films

A very small scale project about the life on the banks of a river. Shot literally on a zero budget in two days when we were testing out a tripod. It is a silent documentary of the river Hoogly at the part where it meets Kolkata.

Shot in Feb-March 2012, the project was stuck up in editing and took a long time for color correction. Finally it is ready in October.


Directed by: Akasdeep Bhadra
Director of Photography: Anish Chakraborty
Background Score: Sayan Bhunia
Appearances: Sourav Kundu, Anuradha Das
Edited by: Anish Chakraborty, Akasdeep Bhadra
Special Thanks: Sidhartha Nandan
Produced by: Akasdeep Bhadra, Anish Chakraborty

Selected screenshot from the documentary:

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See the documentary in YouTube in 1080p