Ikonik Guruz

Dance Videos

A short video featuring dancers from Ikonik Guruz, a dance team from Heritage Inst. of Tech and The Heritage Academy, Kolkata.

Performed by Ikonik Guruz
Filmed and edited by Anish Chakraborty
Assisted by Gaurab Kar, Arunava Bera

A brief history of the Video.
Photographing human body forms had always attracted me from the times I took up the camera. Dance is perhaps the best way to start exploring this and needless to say that most of my very personal photographic works were in collaboration with dancers. A few months back, I started working with Ikonik Guruz to make a short documentary on their dance. Ikonik Guruz was a dance team from Heritage Institute of Technology and The Heritage Academy, Kolkata. Due to severe time constraints shooting was pretty tough and we managed to shoot only one day, and even that did not go according to our plans. Thus, after the days shooting it took me months to think and edit the available footage into something presentable. After a few weeks of thoughts on this, and appearing for my college exams, I came up with this edit. A few days of work with Adobe Creative Suite CS6 was enough to make an everything gone wrong one day documentary shoot to all things perfect promo video. Then some more plugin downloads, shooting flares and adding them separately, and the final video was ready to be presented.

A huge thank you to Gaurab Kar and Arunava Bera, who helped me shoot the video. And of course how can I forget Sounak Biswas, who actually gave me the concept of the video and then gave me the complete independence to do what ever I feel like and shoot and edit however I felt like.

And then the featured performers in the video, the Ikonik Guruz dance crew. A lot of the current members and then members are not in the video, as it was shot in a hurry in practically a matter of few hours, before every one could even turn up, and I’m sorry for not being able to shoot more stuff for the video.

– Anish Chakraborty