Ikonik Guruz

Dance Videos

A short video featuring dancers from Ikonik Guruz, a dance team from Heritage Inst. of Tech and The Heritage Academy, Kolkata.

Performed by Ikonik Guruz
Filmed and edited by Anish Chakraborty
Assisted by Gaurab Kar, Arunava Bera

A brief history of the Video.
Photographing human body forms had always attracted me from the times I took up the camera. Dance is perhaps the best way to start exploring this and needless to say that most of my very personal photographic works were in collaboration with dancers. A few months back, I started working with Ikonik Guruz to make a short documentary on their dance. Ikonik Guruz was a dance team from Heritage Institute of Technology and The Heritage Academy, Kolkata. Due to severe time constraints shooting was pretty tough and we managed to shoot only one day, and even that did not go according to our plans. Thus, after the days shooting it took me months to think and edit the available footage into something presentable. After a few weeks of thoughts on this, and appearing for my college exams, I came up with this edit. A few days of work with Adobe Creative Suite CS6 was enough to make an everything gone wrong one day documentary shoot to all things perfect promo video. Then some more plugin downloads, shooting flares and adding them separately, and the final video was ready to be presented.

A huge thank you to Gaurab Kar and Arunava Bera, who helped me shoot the video. And of course how can I forget Sounak Biswas, who actually gave me the concept of the video and then gave me the complete independence to do what ever I feel like and shoot and edit however I felt like.

And then the featured performers in the video, the Ikonik Guruz dance crew. A lot of the current members and then members are not in the video, as it was shot in a hurry in practically a matter of few hours, before every one could even turn up, and I’m sorry for not being able to shoot more stuff for the video.

– Anish Chakraborty

The Sound Check Project: Introduction

The Sound Check Project, The Sound Check Project: Season 1

We were slowly getting to know the indie music scene in Kolkata, and falling in love with the musicians from this place. It is a fact that few bands have released music videos from here and a large section of the musicians have gone undocumented as far as video was concerned.

Back in January 2013, we met Margub Ali, an engineer and photographer from Kolkata, who had taken a keen interest and had selflessly supported the indie music scene, documenting it and publishing his works, mainly via the internet and print media. After a lot of sessions and getting proper documentary ready equipment, in March we finally set out to document musicians. Because the whole team was made of people who were working or studying, it was only the weekends when we could meet up and shoot or edit the project. Thus it took a long time to finally get it right and we decided on a deadline of publishing one video a week via a YouTube channel. We plan to do 12 episodes on the first season, and take a break before continuing.

Presently we are publishing episodes featuring one musician or band along with one of their tracks.

Here is The Sound Check Project playlist starting from Episode 01 featuring ‘Oh My Heart’ by The Monkey in Me :

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The Sound Check Project

The Sound Check Project
produced, directed and shot by Margub Ali.
edited by Anish Chakraborty for Visual Krafts.
audio mastered by Allan Ao.

Melancholy of Flow [2012]

Documentaries, Films

A very small scale project about the life on the banks of a river. Shot literally on a zero budget in two days when we were testing out a tripod. It is a silent documentary of the river Hoogly at the part where it meets Kolkata.

Shot in Feb-March 2012, the project was stuck up in editing and took a long time for color correction. Finally it is ready in October.


Directed by: Akasdeep Bhadra
Director of Photography: Anish Chakraborty
Background Score: Sayan Bhunia
Appearances: Sourav Kundu, Anuradha Das
Edited by: Anish Chakraborty, Akasdeep Bhadra
Special Thanks: Sidhartha Nandan
Produced by: Akasdeep Bhadra, Anish Chakraborty

Selected screenshot from the documentary:

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See the documentary in YouTube in 1080p