Melancholy of Flow [2012]

Documentaries, Films

A very small scale project about the life on the banks of a river. Shot literally on a zero budget in two days when we were testing out a tripod. It is a silent documentary of the river Hoogly at the part where it meets Kolkata.

Shot in Feb-March 2012, the project was stuck up in editing and took a long time for color correction. Finally it is ready in October.


Directed by: Akasdeep Bhadra
Director of Photography: Anish Chakraborty
Background Score: Sayan Bhunia
Appearances: Sourav Kundu, Anuradha Das
Edited by: Anish Chakraborty, Akasdeep Bhadra
Special Thanks: Sidhartha Nandan
Produced by: Akasdeep Bhadra, Anish Chakraborty

Selected screenshot from the documentary:

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See the documentary in YouTube in 1080p