The Sound Check Project S02 E03: T.L. Mazumdar (feat. Jivraj Singh & Julia Ohrmann) – “Someone”

The Sound Check Project: Season 2

Episode 15 of the Sound Check Project featuring the track “Someone” by T.L. Mazumdar (feat. Jivraj Singh & Julia Ohrmann).

”Dedicated to Gyan Singh (1951-2012)”
T.L. Mazumdar (Germany-based Singer-Songwriter/Multi-instrumentalist ) has been called ”a major talent” by Jack Douglas (Producer: Miles Davis/John Lennon/Aerosmith etc.) and
”among a handful of Indian musicians who are trying to break the Western stereo­type that they have to play sitars or tablas, or sing Bollywood and bhangra numbers” by Time Out magazine.

He has been nominated for the Bremer Jazzpreis 2012, a National Award for German artists for outstanding contribution to German jazz with ethnic influences
Brought up in North Africa, UK, India and Germany, T.L. believes music is beyond social conditioning, beyond nationality and beyond other forms of tagging life with labels. His music is about bringing worlds together. The dreamer and the nerd. The cerebral and intuitive. The skeptic and the believer. The lost and found.
This song is from his upcoming album titled ‘BUeC’ (short for Bideshi Uebersetzungs Collective).

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The Sound Check Project
produced, directed and shot by Margub Ali.
edited by Anish Chakraborty for Visual Krafts.
audio recorded by Ankit Gandhi Lall.
audio mastered by T.L. Mazumdar.