Rampage Shoot

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Fashion Photography is always something which had fascinated us from a long time. But after starting photography, it took us quite some time to actually start shooting fashion. The biggest obstruction in our path generally used to be getting proper equipment required for shooting such photos and also talented models in front of the camera, not to mention the countless hours from your busy schedule, to learn using strobes and also process fashion photos properly.

Back in December 2012, things got a bit easy and we collaborated with a group of models from Rampage for a small shoot which would be a learning experience for all. Since the new year was round the corner, we planned to print the photos in a calendar, which would not only promote our new works but also later in the year remind us, where we started and how far have we reached. It took quite sometime to arrange everything and get started with the shoot, and we were able to pull off the production successfully by the end of January. Then a whole month was spend in editing the 1000 clicks from our cameras, and finally we are almost done. We have a little more work left and are ready to start posting some stuff for you guys to have a look.

Here is a glimpse of a some of the photos from the shoot, we would be uploading lots more pretty soon. If you want to buy the calendar, mail us at kraftsvisual@gmail.com . Early bird discounts apply. We plan on completing the whole project and printing by 10th March 2013. I know that’s late for a calendar, but we’re just starters and this is our first fashion photography project.┬áPlease have a look at the calenders, buy it and help us grow. And don’t forget to share our work, looking forward to your support viewers.

A glimpse of the photos from the shoot

A glimpse of the photos from the shoot.

The team:

Models from Rampage
Shahid Hossain
Kriti Mukherjee
Moiz Hanif
Amit Singh
Abin Roy
Antara Das
Sreejita Saha
Dhriti Dutta
Sanjukta Mukherji
Kriti Safui

Photography by
Anish Chakraborty
Rahul Singh
Assistants: Gaurab Kar, Indranil Mondal, Abhiroop Biswas.

A Visual Krafts production.

– Anish Chakraborty

Be-dazzled, Eclecia 2012

Live Shows

Be-dazzled @ Eclecia 2012, by Anish Chakraborty Photography

Be-dazzled is the fashion competition of the annual cultural festival, Eclecia, at Heritage Institute of Technology, Kolkata.

Fashion Show, Eclecia 2012.

Fashion Show, Eclecia 2012

Fashion Show, Eclecia 2012

Fashion Show, Eclecia 2012

Fashion Show, Eclecia 2012

Fashion Show, Eclecia 2012

Fashion Show, Eclecia 2012