Walking away in the Woods.


Its always nice to sit for sometime with the quiet trees and the tall grasses growing wild. Nature has its own beauty.

Walking away in the Woods

Revisiting an old photo!!


When I first went out with my camera, I loved clicking flowers and bokeh. I still love shooting those, but hardly get time to do so. This photo was shot long back when I got my first camera. Now I felt like re processing the photo and posting again.

Some clicks never get old.

A few Landscapes

Featured, Landscapes

Landscapes by Anish Chakraborty Photography

A Walk of Peace.
Taken at the Indian Botanic Gardens


A lake in the Indian Botanic Garden

The Great Banyan Tree,
Indian Botanic Garden

A launch on the on the banks of river Hooghly.
Opposite we see the city of Kolkata.

A rainy day on the fields of Anandapur, Kolkata

Trees at Kadapara, Kolkata