Education is still just a Dream

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In India many still dream of education. To some people Education is too costly. In this condition several NGOs are helping out the government so that all children can at least get their primary education. Kholo Ankhi is one such NGO which is helping some of the kids reach for their dream.

We, from Pravasana, the photographers club of HIT-K were proud to be there and help out Kholo Ankhi in their initiative. We were giving out some drawing books and pencils, so that the kids can explore painting.

Some photos:

Kholo Ankhi Kids

Education is all they need.

Education is all they need.

Expressions.Amazed, Mischievous, Dreaming

Expressions. Amazed, Mischievous, Dreaming

One of kids while we were distributing the books

One of kids while we were distributing the books

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Locked Inside

Whisperings Inside Me

After a hectic month of shooting for Visual Krafts, now I am stuck with the huge work of editing and post production. Balancing my work schedule I have to take out time to edit my photos and movies. A few days back, while I was sitting and working in my room, it rained heavily outside. For a short while I was taken away by the rains as i kept gazing at the rain falls. Here is a snap.

Locked Inside on a rainy day.

– Anish Chakraborty