Visually Krafted News: Atomic Actors in the World’s Smallest Movie by IBM Research

Visually Krafted

Recently IBM Research has unveiled a movie made with atoms. Yes you read that right, a stop motion animation film made by moving atoms on a surface. That is exactly where technology is progressing and guess what they used two scanning tunnel microscopes to film it. And you thought you need cameras to shoot movies!!

So all they did was move atoms on a surface and captured a 100 million times magnified image by the scanning tunnel microscopes and then made the stop motion animation!!! Sounds very simple, right? But guess what getting an atom at exactly the spot you want it to be is one hell of a task and making this movie involved moving thousands of these atoms.

The film is called A Boy and His Atom: The World’s Smallest Movie. And here is the film in YouTube followed by a documentary on the making of the movie. Hope you all would enjoy it!!!

The Making:

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